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The Rotunda Website

Our website is a place where you can learn about the services and staff at Rotunda.

We are a team of Fertility professionals -Physicians, Surgeons, Embryologists, Nurses and associates dedicated to the art and science of Assisted Reproduction.
From a simple etc to the the most advanced blastocyst culture and embryo biopsies with pre implantation genetic screening and diagnosis we offer etc.
From our inception we cater to all classes of patients. Our charitable organisation The Hari Charitable Trust bears part of the cost for our non affording patients to who we offer all inclusive packages making a test tube baby possible for all with no compromise on quality.
From a simple consultation with minor shifts in lifestyle too..

We know the distress fertility issues cause and try to give patients the best in a warm and caring atmosphere where transparency and patient involvement are a hallmark.
We are pioneers in India in low cost IVF -which we started at our low cost IVF centre The Deccan Fertility Clinic in 2005 and the Rotunda centres.
We were also pioneers in surrogacy in India with the worlds first trans racial surrogacy carried out by our team.
Our Medical Director Dr. Gautam Allahbadia is a world renowned Fertility Physician who has set up IVF centres in several cities in India, Asia and Africa, has been editor of several journals and President of gynaecological socities and with several text books and research papers to his credit.
We have the privilege of having Rotunda babies in 6 continents and several countries of the world.

Why choose Rotunda?

  • We are part of the Rotunda Group that has the privilege of setting up IVF centres in several Indian, Asian and African countries.
  • We are a low cost centre where quality treatment is given at a fair price.
  • All services are offered under one roof from consultations, sonography, blood tests, endoscopies and all assisted reproductive procedures.
  • Experienced Clinicians giving holistic care and carefully monitoring treatment with senior embryologists giving optimum results.

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Rotunda Blue Fertility Clinic &
Keyhole Surgery Center, Parel, Mumbai

Dr. Gautam Allahbadia talking about IVF
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Dr. Gautam Allahbadia about Rotunda