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    Over the years, we have been lucky to get our patients from all over the world to vouch for our services, professional ethics, cleanliness & the ISO 9001-2000 International standards at our Center. These patients have experienced Rotunda first hand and have volunteered to communicate their experiences on email to other potential patients who are planning to visit India for their ART treatments. They know what doubts come into patients minds due to pre-conceived and mis-leading notions about the medical services in India & would like to dispel these doubts and allay anxiety with the purpose of sending the potential patients with confidence to take up treatment at Rotunda, Mumbai. Please feel free to write to our Global Ambassadors by clicking on the following links:

    Avishai: [email protected]
    Joshua Bhastekar: [email protected]

    Mrs. Mona Ramprasad: [email protected]
    Meeta: [email protected]
    Shilpi Chawla: [email protected]

    Kishore and Shefali: [email protected]

    Justin: [email protected]
    Jyoti: [email protected]

    Mikael Eng: [email protected] (LGBT Friendly)

    Mrs. Fiona Greenaway: [email protected]
    Mrs. Sim: [email protected]
    Mrs. R: [email protected]

    Mr. XYZ: [email protected]
    Manuel Fernandez: [email protected]
    Paula: [email protected]

    Mr. and Mrs Singh: [email protected]
    Mona and Dil: [email protected]
    Derek Kehl: [email protected]

    Ola Movinkel: [email protected]
    N and T: [email protected]

    Jon S: [email protected]
    Sridhar: [email protected]