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Gestational Surrogacy

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    This is an option for couples who need donor eggs (older women, ovarian failure, etc.) along with surrogacy (women without a uterus, multiple IVF failures, bad obstetric history,  etc.).

    We can provide you an egg donor as well as a gestational surrogate. Our team has successfully handled one of the largest series of gestational surrogacy cases in the country in recent years including India’s first Transethnic surrogacy involving a Chinese couple from Singapore and an unrelated Indian surrogate mother as also the first Gay couple pregnancy in India delivered by a Gestational Surrogate.

    It could take about 4-6 weeks to recruit & screen a surrogate. The screening process includes a complete infectious disease screen, hormonal evaluation and a psychological screening + IQ testing by a qualified clinical psychologist.

    We have 3-4 women ready to donate at any given time.

    We also have a tie up with a caucasian egg donor agency.

    We will be starting the surrogate on Estrogen tablets to prepare her endometrium from the first day of her menses. Subsequently, Gonadotropin injections will be started for the egg donor from day 1 of her menses. The donor will be taking one injection daily for approx.10 days by which she will have formed multiple mature eggs in both her ovaries. The egg pick-up will be on Day13 approximately & you will be required to give your semen sample on that day. An ultrasound guided embryo transfer will be done into the surrogate on Day15. She will then be on certain tablets & injections for luteal support & a pregnancy test done 15 days later will confirm if she is pregnant.