Until about two months ago my husband was a very heavy drinker. He has had no booze in more than two months. The doctor says my husband’s sperm count was that of a 20-year-old’s, but there was little to no motility. Is there something that can be done about the motility? Could the alcohol have any effect on this problem? If so, how long will the effects last, and what can we do to correct it?

11 Jan 2014 by Rotunda - The Center for Human Reproduction

Alcohol may result in abnormal liver function and a rise in estrogen levels, which may interfere with sperm development and hormone levels. Alcohol is also a toxin that can kill off the sperm-generating cells in the testicle. As sperm take at least three months to develop, I would check his semen again after a three- to four-month period of abstinence. In some situations, sperm motility may be improved with alternative medicines called Addyzoa and Rejuspermin. If no motile sperm are seen, a testicular biopsy may be necessary. If this reveals any live sperm, you may consider in vitro fertilization with sperm injection (ICSI) to introduce the sperm into the egg.